Is it Expensive to be Physically Active?

Here are some inexpensive ways to get active: Carry your groceries Use the stairs rather than the elevator Walk to your destination Play with your children, friends, and other family members Run, walk, or jog in pedestrian friendly areas such as parks and trails

In motion™ Community Challenge




Who? Everyone can join, either as an individual or with a group.

What? A 31 day physical activity challenge.

Where? Anywhere in the city of London and Middlesex County.

Why? It’s an easy, fun and social way to get active and feel energized with friends and family while being a part of a great community initiative! Let's build Canada’s healthiest community together!

When? The whole month of October!

How? Download the tracking form or use the app to track your physical activity minutes. If you are using a tracking form, click here to find out where to pick-up a tracking form, and where to drop off your form at the end of the October.  




Do you know a student entering Grade 5 next year who lives, or attends school, in London, ON?

Do you want to help them access FREE recreational opportunities for their entire Grade 5 school year?

Register them for the Act-i-Pass program TODAY!




Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) is a province-wide initiative funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) intended to create sustainable improvements for children and youth in three theme areas: healthy eating, healthy physical activity and healthy lifestyle for children and youth. The target age for this Provincial initiative is 12 years and under.

Understanding Your Exercise Intensity

Regular physical activity is imperative for maintaining good health and well-being. For the benefits to take effect, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology recommends that youth aged 12-17 years old should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity daily.


City of London Bike & Walk Map

The City of London supports walking and cycling as active ways to enjoy the many special features London has to offer either as a recreational pastime or as a means of transportation.


Skate 12 Months of the Year in London, Ontario!

Skating is a great way to get active and feel great! The City of London offers many Public Skating opportunities.


Have kids today replaced playing outside with active video games?

Active Healthy Kids Canada’s (AHKC) has released a Position on Active Video Games and does not recommend active video games as a strategy to help kids to be more physically active.