Activity & Exercise



The ACT-i-Pass is a card that allows all grade 5 students that live or attend school in the city of London the opportunity to access FREE recreation programs throughout their ENTIRE school year. The ACT-i-Pass card grants children (plus one friend, family member, or chaperone) FREE access to many of London’s recreation centers and programs, such as indoor sports, skating, swimming, rounds of golf, and other activities. ACT-i-Pass is your grade 5 child’s ticket to many of the London recreation centers and programs. The purpose of the program is to increase a child’s ability to participate in physical activity, which can improve health, lengthen life, decrease illness, reduce screen time, and increase play in their lives! 

Check out the ACT-i-Pass videos describing the program

  1. ACT-i-Pass Promotional Video
  2. ACT-i-Pass video for Youth
  3. ACT-i-Pass video for parents, principals, and teachers



Registration & Schedule

To register your child for the 2019-2020 ACT-i-Pass program, your child must be entering Grade 5 in September of 2019. You can register them online by clicking here or by completing the hard copy of the registration form sent home by your children’s school in the spring of their grade 4 school year. To download a copy of the registration form click here. You can register your child for the program at any time between May 2019 and May 2020. 

Schedule of Programs: You can use the pass at our partner facilities. Schedules are changed four times a year. See the seasonal schedule for winter and spring here:   Spring 2019 Schedule & Summer 2019 Schedule

Service Provider Information: To view information on the different service programs and how to register for their programs click here.


Evaluation & Research

Dr. Jason Gilliland from Western University and his research team want to know how the Grade 5 ACT-i-Pass is working for you (as parents, and as youth). They are studying the effectiveness of the program, including what facilities are being used (or not) on a regular basis for physical activity. To learn more about why we are evaluating this project click here


Become an ACT-i-Pass Partner

Are you interested in becoming an ACT-i-Pass partner? See our partnership letter and Engagement Guide to learn the different ways service providers can become an ACT-i-Pass partner.