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Is it Expensive to be Physically Active?

Here are some inexpensive ways to get active: Carry your groceries Use the stairs rather than the elevator Walk to your destination Play with your children, friends, and other family members Run, walk, or jog in pedestrian friendly areas such as parks and trails

The Challenge

Join the in motionCommunity Challenge this October!

Last year the London Community collected over 8 million minutes of physical activity!





What is the in motion™ Community Challenge? 

-  A 31 day physical activity challenge held every October for anyone living in London and Middlesex county!
-  A community initiative to get people to challenge themselves and others around them to start being active or increase their activity level! 

-  All you need to do is track your physical activity minutes for one month!


Who can take the Challenge? 

-  The Challenge is for anyone who wants to get active and challenge their physical activity levels!

-  You can participate as an individual, or challenge a group such as your family, neighbourhood, community group, workplace, school, classroom, or sports team!

-  If you have any questions, you can submit them here.

-  Click here to view a list of resources to help you get started, and to help you stick to your goals!


Why join the Community Challenge?

-  It’s an easy, fun and social way to get active with your friends, family and community.
-  It will help you feel energized, gain health benefits and reduce stress.
-  Be a part of a great community initiative and its our vision to be Canada’s Healthiest Community.


How can you, your family, and others participate?

1.  Set a physical activity goal for what you want to achieve during the month of October.

2.  Track your physical activity minutes and intensity 2 ways (whichever is best for you):

-  Using the FREE in motion™ Community Challenge App on your mobile device/smartphone/tablet. The App can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, or can be accessed on your PC.

-  Using a paper tracking tool.  These will be available for pick up and drop off at local participating locations. Click here to find the closest pick-up/drop-off location to you!  

3.  OPTIONAL-- Provide us feedback about your experience taking the Challenge by completing a survey. See below for more information.


What can you, your family, and friends do?

-  Let all your friends, family and co-workers know about it

-  Click here to view a list of activities happening this October in London and Middlesex, and different tools that may help you achieve your physical activity goals

-  Challenge others to join
-  Use Challenge resources to create a team challenge at your workplace, organization, church. or with your family
-  Share your activity goals with others and encourage each other to stick with it


What happens at the end of the Challenge?

-  At the end of the Challenge, the total number of physical activity minutes accumulated in London and Middlesex County will be added up and announced here!
-  Everyone can continue to track their minutes after the Community Challenge has ended!

-  Everyone can continue to use the tools available on this website

-  Your feedback from the Challenge will be used to make next year's Challenge even better!


How can you help us improve the Challenge and understand the impact it's having in our community?

-  Take part in our anonymous, confidential study

-  The study includes 3 10-20 minute surveys at 3 different times

-  You are not obligated to complete all the questions or surveys in the study

-  If you participate, you will be entered to win a new FitBit for each of the 3 surveys

-  Your feedback is very important for the continuation and improvement of the Challenge in the future. 

-  Click here to register for the surveys today!


Tips to get some extra minutes...

-  Check out our calendar full of great local opportunities available throughout October (coming soon!)

-  Play or walk with your family at local parks and trails. 

-  Use active transportations to get to and from work and school.

-  Bike, run, skip, or play outside after school instead of TV or screen time.

-  Go for a walk during your lunch hour, or with your family after dinner.

-  Plan neighbourhood activities and events like soccer or baseball games. 

-  Check with our Partners for more information.




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