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Is it Expensive to be Physically Active?

Here are some inexpensive ways to get active: Carry your groceries Use the stairs rather than the elevator Walk to your destination Play with your children, friends, and other family members Run, walk, or jog in pedestrian friendly areas such as parks and trails

— Oct 21, 2016

Physical Activity and Health

We know that physical activity is essential for good health but according to Statistics Canada, only 15 % of Canadian adults get the recommended levels of 150 minutes of moderate to vigourous activity per week.


Being physically active has so many benefits:

     -Better health
     -Improved endurance/aerobic ability
     -Stronger bones
     -Improved energy levels
     -Improves mental health
     -Helps maintain a healthy body weight
     -And provides enjoyment

According to the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines, being active for at least 150 minutes per week can improve health by lowering the risk of developing

     -Heart Disease
     -High blood pressure
     -Certain types of cancer ( such as breast cancer, colon cancer)
     -Type 2 diabetes
     -Overweight and obesity


This fall make a plan to be more active. Schedule a time and a place with family, friends or colleagues to…

     -Take up a favorite sport or try a new one
     -Go for a brisk walk or hike with your family after dinner
     -Play a game (tag, dodge ball)
     -Do an activity that can be done together as a family  (throw a Frisbee, kick a ball)
     -Take a dance class after work or put your favorite music on at home and see who in the family has the “moves” 


The in motion™ Community Challenge provides a great opportiunity for individuals to increase their time being physically active with their friends, family and colleagues.

Support the in motion™ Community Challenge by tracking your physical activity minutes. Make every minute count this fall and make physical activity part of your lifestyle.

To learn more about Physical Activity, visit http://www.healthunit.com/physical-activity



Berthe Streef, RN, Public Health Nurse

Healthy Communities & Injury Prevention Team

Middlesex London Health Unit

Berthe Streef RN BSCN CCHN(C) berthe.streef@mlhu.on